1st Breathe Easy School in India

Some special plants are placed all over the school premises and inside the classrooms so that the children breathe easy and stay healthy at IAMPS.

World Class Montessori Based Curriculum

Dr. Maria Montessori concepts are being followed by IAMPS which has worked upon various aspects such as Montessori labs and the teaching tools for the holistic progress of the children.

Great with Infrastructure

An urban infrastructure at IAMPS facilitates for multiple availabilities like Montessori studio, creativity arena, common corner, concept classrooms, Tot’s Odeum, Mini Opera, Smart Centre, Puppet Play Corner, KinderGym, Mini’s Cafe, Ball Tub, Kiddie Pool, Tiny Desert, Fairyland and much more.

Digitally Available, ERP System

IAMPS follows the current trends of using social platforms as an integral part of the digital transformation. It follows a business opportunity that can be used for your own benefit using ERP.

Experience of team

IAMPS is led by experienced top performers from industry and professional services organisations ensuring quick ramp-up, immediate impact and actionable results.

NCERT and ECCE based Core Curriculum

IAMPS follows a complete syllabus followed by current education standards based on NCERT and ECCE curriculum.

School in Budget

IAMPS provides low investment, high benefits with exclusive layers of support such as interior support, marketing support, recruiting support, training support, inaugural support, regular assistance and much more.

Safety For child

IAMPS ensures your child feels 100% secure at IAMPS premises. For this, technology, safety drills & best security protocols are followed.

Customised Solutions

IAMPS deals different franchise partners in different domains to meet up-to their expectations and provide them customised solutions.

The Love and Passion for Education

We agree on the fact that teaching is a noble profession that allows one to enrich the lives of little ones and that too by following the corporate culture.

Satisfied Franchise partners

IAMPS has a global exposure of 30+ franchise partners and keeps a record of having 99% satisfied franchise partners.

Talking Books and Self-developed Books

IAMPS is equipped with talking pen and books being accessible in digital format. It houses multiple books in English as well some additional sheets, which are available for circulation to students in all aspects.