Montessori Education

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori.

Early childhood education is used to describe the various educational programs served to the children of preschool. This early childhood education concept consists of many educational and instructional activities which facilitate a child’s learning and aid for them in cognitive and social development of the preschoolers. Early Childhood Education program at Indo Little Fairy House Pre School is specifically designed for the preschoolers. As at this age your child has the highest potential to learn new things it is the right age to indulge your child in a preschool for his overall development. These early childhood programs offer a range of benefit to your child in improving language, developing motor skills and cognitive skills.


Breathe Easy Schools

With the mixing of pollutants into the environment causing pollution has become a major concern for the people of worldwide. The humans have vastly disturbed the life supporting system of the world by overusing, misusing and mismanaging the resources to meet their greed. Being parents it becomes a matter of foremost interest and responsibility to provide a healthy environment to our children.

Little Fairy House uses a combination of mechanical and organic filtration techniques; Breathe Easy creates solutions for the areas, helping them to improve indoor & outdoor air quality and as an offshoot, creating energy efficiency.

Why Activities Are Important For Preschoolers?

Children learn best while experimenting and performing things. Hence, the most effective way of teaching a child is to make him perform different activities. Activities can promote overall development of a child and provides an opportunity to learn language, physical and cognitive development. Indo Little Fairy House Pre School ensures that each child is given equal opportunity to learn, explore and participate in activities to make them grow with the same pace.