Little Fairy House is London based 15 years old play school collaborated in India under the
guidance of Dr Nandeni Chauhan (Psychologist) already running an Institution Indian
Psychology Institute known for its vast experience and exposure to deal with
children with clinical and nonclinical conditions and unique concepts and educational
methodology in preschool. Little Fairy House is an amalgamation of London education structure
with Indian socio-cultural values, with Dr Nandeni Chuhan psychological experience. The
preschool brings to you the Maria Montessori Education method that helps the child to learn and
absorb from the environment. We prove to be the best preschool for your child by providing
them numerous activities to broaden their thinking capacity. Little Fairy House believes in
learning by doing and growing by playing. Little Fairy House is comprises of sound environment
that helps the pre schoolers to learn the right values with a healthy mind and body. We provide
equal opportunity to the students by making them participate in each and every activity. A
school is just a building for students if there is no special arrangement for students to grasp
from it. At Little Fairy House, we have specially designed concept rooms and exposure of
DIGITAL WORLD to enhance the knowledge of pre schoolers by making them learn practically.
Choosing India’s best preschool for your child is no more a dream. Select the right preschool to
build the right foundation of your child.


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